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19th Nov, 2008
Version 1.2.1 out now! Greatly improved reading routine should support all possible flow cytometry files!

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5th Aug, 2008
Due to the bot attack, Idea/Bug discussion is out of order for couple of days.

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Cyflogic is a flow cytometry data analysis tool for Microsoft Windows enviroment. It has all regular analysis capabilities, such as dot plot, histogram and statistics. In addition, Cyflogic offers new innovative tools for your data analysis. Go and check features page to see more!

These pages offer you a newest version of Cyflogic, help, support and discussion about users new ideas, bug fixes, scripts etc.

Current version is 1.2.1

The newest version of Cyflogic is 1.2.1. (released 19th of November, 2008).

If you have older version installed into your computer, go to the Download page and download the latest version! From Version history page you can check the benefits of the new version.

If you want to keep your Cyflogic updated, please visit these pages frequently; new versions appear quite often.

Free version vs. Licenced version

Cyflogic is free for non-commercial academic use. All normal analysis capabilities exist in the free version.

Hovewer, if you buy a licence for your research group / company, you will get the number of extremely nice features, such as cell cycle analysis. Check here for more information.

Philosophy of Cyflogic

Cyflogic offers already some tools which cannot be found anywhere else. But it is not enough for us; we will continue to develop and publish new analysis tools.

Obviously we cannot know exactly what kind of tools you want and whether the existing tools offer you the features you need. That is why this site offers also Development forum, which makes it possible to discuss about new features, ideas and naturally report possible bugs.

Essay Writing Direction

According to essay writers, requests like "write my essay" or "do my essay" are very common among the students. Taking this into consideration, we decided to make a step towards this direction and work on the corresponding tools.

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Author of Cyflogic

Perttu Terho, Mika Korkeamaki, CyFlo Ltd.

CyFlo Ltd, a microbiological and immunological research and development company for the food and feed industry, life sciences sector and other industries interested in microbes and immunity.


┬ęPerttu Terho & ┬ęCyFlo Ltd, Cyflogic analysis software package is for non-commercial research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Not for resale or to be reproduced or copied. Cyflogic software and Cyflogic logo and trademarks are property of CyFlo Ltd. All rights reserved.