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Version history
Cyflogic features

Dot plot

The basic 2-dimensional dot plots and density plots are naturally supported. You can mark the populations with polygons.


With histogram you can look at the distribution of the cell intensities very easily. The markers act both as regions and statistical markers.

Histogram modeller

Tool for modelling the histograms. Handy for overlapping populations. You can fit the Gaussian curves into the histogram. From statistics you will get the information about the curves' areas, means and geometric means (Silhouette statistics).

3D plot

Nice tool for creating stunning visualizations from your data. With scripter you can make e.g. 360 degrees rotating animations.

Supported file types

Cyflogic understands both FCS2.0 and FCS3.0 file types. The system has been tested with the FCS files created by BD CellQuest, BD FACSDiVa software (version 5) and Beckman-Coulter Quanta software.