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Version history
Version history

Version 1.2.1  
Released 19.11.2008  
- Greatly enhanced data file reading routine

Version 1.2.0  
Released 1.11.2008

New features:  
- Clipbook  
- Possibility to define fast draw limit  
- Possibility to define maximum number of loaded cells (helps with extremely big files)

New features for licenced users:  
- Kinetics measurement tool (e.g. Calcium flux)  
- Bending plot

Version 1.1.1  
Released: 11.6.2008

New features:  
- Support for Accuri C6 flow cytometry data files  
- Greatly improved File Info tool

As a summary, there are no major improvements compared to version 1.1.0. However, if you are using file info tool, the update is highly recommended.

Version 1.1.0  
Released: 18.5.2008

New features (free version)  
- Printing & Batch printing  
- Customizable statistics  
- Automated data export to the file  
- Enhanced layout  
- Colors for Definitions  
- Raw data export to the file  
- Crash recovery  
- Off-line compensation  
- 360 degrees 3D animation creation

New features (licenced version)  
- Cell cycle analysis  
- Save analysis package (and send the analysis & data easily with e.g. e-mail)  
- Printing & 3D animation without Cyflogic-logo  
- Possibility to order customized high throughput analysis tools

Version 1.0.2  
Released: 14.3.2008

New feature:  
- Coefficient of Variation (CV) value is available in histogram statistics

Bug fixes:  
- Fatal error about definitions is now fixed  
- Definitions with the first word NOT (e.g. "not Poly-1") works now  
- Script command "region" has been replaced into "population"  
+ Couple of smaller problems

Version 1.0.1  
Released: 8.3.2008

New feature:  
- Populations can be turned into transparent. Check more information from Online help.

Bug fixes:  
- The bug of max. 20 file loads has been fixed  
- 3D plot with white background error has been fixed  
- Definition error when deleting a population -problem has been fixed  
- Crash during analysis load has been (hopefully) fixed  
+ Many smaller problems

Version 1.0.0  
Released: 28.2.2008