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Version history
Download Cyflogic version 1.2.1

Here you can download the latest version of Cyflogic. Submit your information to the form below, and the download begins. You can also find older versions of Cyflogic from download page.

The form is requested, because we would like to know which kind of users are using Cyflogic. Also, you will recieve the information about new versions of Cyflogic.

Via this e-mail list you will get:
- Notifications about new versions of Cyflogic
- Information about the Cyflogic training courses in your region

Via this e-mail list you WILL NOT get:
- Any other advertisements
- Spam

Upgrage to the newest version

If you have already some version of Cyflogic in your computer, first uninstall Cyflogic (from Control Panel - Add/Remove programs) before installing the new version. Your analysis sheets and flow cytometry data files remain unaffected.

Download form

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Cyflogic analysis software package is for non-commercial research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Not for resale or to be reproduced or copied. Cyflogic software and Cyflogic logo and trademarks are property of CyFlo Ltd. All rights reserved.

If you are using Cyflogic for non-commercial research and for publication picture design, add the following phrase "analyzed with CyflogicTM software, CyFlo Ltd, Finland" in your publication.